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Yesterday it emerged that Morrisons is to spend nearly 25% more on price cuts between now and January than it spent during its high profile "I'm Cheaper" summer campaign. dịch hộ mình đoạn này với ạ

"I didn't know Jennifer Aniston was Greek."-"No, ___ people know that."-a. less- b. many- c. little- d.few

Such as Something .......... something. Thay vi dung "and" dien vao cho trong co the dien "Or" k co?

anh @know chơi xấu nhá :V ăn kem mak giấu tụi này

Hello everybody.My name's Hoan.I live in Ha Noi,Viet Nam.Do you know?My country has four seasons typical : Spring,Summer,Autumn like most season winter because in the winter it's a nice temperature ,and it's when I feel comfortable.In the spring,we have Viet New Year in January.I make Trung cake,it's great.In the summer ,I have my vacation in Ha Long bay with my parents. In the autumn,I often go to school all day.So, I don't free time.