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Individual greed and selfishness has been the basis of the modern society. Some people think that we must return to the older and more traditional values of respect for the family and the local community in order to create a better world to live in. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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1. Harukaharuka

Gửi lúc: 2014-01-07 08:33:44

Điểm: 9/10

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Many people believe that greed and selfishness has gradually become the basic of the modern society and thus it is not only in the genes of human but in his mind and heart too. They believe that society is being hurt as the community is losing its precious moral values of respect for the local community and family. Personally, I totally agree with this notion as the following reasons. The modern society is deteriorating with the generation that cares about themselves, pays little attentions to feelings of others and praises money and popularity. As the result, the modern society lacks the compassion that humans should posses like they used to have in the past. The typical example for this problem is the horrifying beer looting incident in Dong Nai of Vietnam. When the traffic accident happened, the truck overturned and scattered about 1,500 cans of beer on the street. However, instead of helping the truck driver to clean up the mess, hundreds of people happily rushed to loot the beer cans despite of the desperate cries and pleading of the poor driver. Furthermore, some people even threatened to beat the driver when he tried to prevent them from stealing his beer. This shameful incident has attracted much attention from people all over the country and received countless criticisms. It has showed Vietnam, who is considered as one of the oldest in East Asia with thousands years of history that its precious traditional value system is being deteriorated because of people’s individual greed. Moreover, the most important factor in the value system of the Vietnamese which is the family is being shattered as people forget the dutifulness, respect and love toward their own parents. Some people force their parents to move out of their home to take over the house and properties when the parents are getting old and slow. It is a sad fact that the modernized society makes some people put money priority and let the greed and selfishness blind them. The family is the backbone of Vietnamese’s society and thus, once it is broken, it would seriously damage the community’s welfare. In conclusion, the wickedness is increasing. The parents and school play a significantly important role in guiding the new generation to follow the right paths of life. The adults must behave in proper ways as they are the ideal models for their children to become and proud of.

2. sd228

Gửi lúc: 2014-01-07 20:31:13

Điểm: 9/10

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It is undeniable that the more advanced humans’ lives are, the more selfish they are. Humans have a tendency to keep everything valuable and always desire more. In order to solve this problem, human beings are advised to come back to the conventional values of respect for families and the local community. Advocates argue that reverence for families and communities is regarded as one of the most valuable traditions handed down by our ancestors. Our duty is to keep and fuel it in order for it to remain forever in our culture. Furthermore, parents are those who born us and brought us up; family members and friends are those who always stand by us and support us when we encounter with difficulties; therefore, we need to respect them to express our appreciations. Otherwise, we will be left alone. For instance, when a friend magnanimously helps you overcome your difficulty, but you are too proud to appreciate it, instead of saying thank you, you are just indifferent to what has happened. Gradually, you have fewer and fewer friends beside you because you do not respect them at all. It is not until one day when you need their helps and no one is disposed to helping you that you feel so regret pushing them away. Only when you are kind to everyone does he or she treat you kindly ultimately. In addition, we obviously belong to the whole community. If we separate ourselves from everyone else by our greedy or selfish behavior, we will feel alone and find it very hard to live happily. It is our families and friends that bring happiness to our lives. Communicating and playing with them are among the best methods of releasing stress. Living inside the entire society also helps us to find our identities and improve ourselves, which leads to make our lives become meaningful. You will never feel lonely because you always have so many friends who care about you stand beside you and share with you. To sum up, families and communities play an important role in our lives. Rather than being greedy and selfish, we had better treat them generously and kindly so that our lives can contain happiness and values that we cannot find by any other ways. Revere to everyone and you can receive reverence from them in return. That is how life goes.

3. tranhien85

Gửi lúc: 2014-01-03 11:50:00

Điểm: 8/10

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It is very popular said in dramas, novels and educational materials that solidarity is a splendid characteristic of people; therefore we should respect for the family and the local community in order to create a better world. However, I believe that individual greed and selfishness is more important basis of our society and is the motivation for development of our society. First of all, respect of individual characteristics and interests is a significant improvement of the modern society. Through the long history of middle Ages, people lived in small village; they had to live for their community. For instance, they had to get married for their parents’ purposes and interests. They could not follow their heart to choose the people they were in love with. Love relationship between people of different society classes were banned in the past. In my opinion, each person is a unique individual and therefore, they should respect themselves before respect their family and local community. Secondly, we cannot help another and make our contribution for the society if we cannot help ourselves. In the airplane, for example, it is repeatedly said that in the case of accident, adults have to wear protection clothes before helping their children to wear. Therefore, I believe people have to protect and satisfy themselves before thinking about families and society’s interest. Finally, many researchers say that by pursue individuals’ interest, people can reach the optimal result for the society. One of famous economic books is called “Invisible hand” written by Adam Smith in the fifteenth century. The key theme of this book is the optimal equilibrium of our economy could be achieved if people chase their individual greed for money and wealth. In short, although it is said in moral text books that we should live for others and respect for the family and community, I believe that the society could be better if people pursue their own greed and selfishness.

4. Okaneganai

Gửi lúc: 2014-01-03 18:00:19

Điểm: 8/10

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Nowadays, we live in an industrialization and modernization society with many new social issues brought from its rapidly development. One of these is that individual greed and selfishness become the basic of the modern society. It leads to the opinion that we must return to the older and more traditional values of respect for the family and the local community in order to create a better world to live in. Personally, I agree with this statement. Firstly, the traditional values of family will turn people to the basic behavior and avoid some negative attitudes. It is believed that the mother gives birth to the babies and the family will raise them, so a strong family will create carefully good education for the little children both on the knowledge side and most importantly behavior side. From this base, the little children will grow up with the full awareness of the good way of behavior in order to avoid the negative attitude like greed. Therefore, our society will be better. Secondly, the respect to the local community is the best way to build the solidarity against selfishness. Local community is the smallest unit of our society; we back to the basic respect to the local community mean we stay closer and care more to each other. These new customs will create a close-knit base to build a great solidarity in society. By this way, the selfishness will no more exist. In the summary, greed and selfishness dose not positive factors to build a good life. We had better return to the older and more traditional values of respect for the family and the local community in order to create a better world to live in

5. phucduyen73

Gửi lúc: 2014-01-03 21:25:31

Điểm: 8/10

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Nowadays, the society is developing. the people live in modern life. Some people become greedy and selfish while others think that they must return traditional values and respect the elderly and their neighborhood so that they get happier world and a happier tomorrow. In my view, there are pros and cons on living in modern life and traditional life. It is an important thing that people should combine both of them. Firstly, people live in modern technology. Everybody is connected to everybody by using internet and mobile phones . It makes the world become a small village. In the contrast, the warmth of relationships has taken a back seat even the next- door neighborhood are also not recognized. In addition, they have more wealthy and comfortable but their hearts desire even more. To satisfy their greedy hearts, people work so hard that they do not have enough time for their family and friend.They become selfish and isolated. Besides, the youngsters who are good at the new technology think that the elderly are good for nothing. That is the reason why they do not respect the older. On the other hand, life in the past was slow and simple. People was interested in each other. They had great time to talk together. The older members of the family were looked after and the advice was valued. The people in the neighborhood are very friendly.Especially, divorces were rare as marriage was considered a sacred tradition. In conclusion, people cannot come back the past but they can certainly return to the traditional values to try to create a modern world which both material wealthy and prosperity and local community.

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