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Flight MH17 - The Netherlands to remember those who died

Investigators still haven’t been able to access this crash site but Robbie Oulers has been there. He’s searching for his cousin Daisy. So far, all that forensics have found is a piece of her hip bone.
I had a perception that I could just walk around and find her because in your dreams, you see her lying there in the field.
Daisy was off on an adventure with her boyfriend Bryce.
They say it was Bonnie and Clyde together. They did any-everything together. She was very sweet. She was an angel. Really.
Many like Robbie are angry about the speed of the Dutch government’s response. This was Eindhoven at the weekend – more bodies flown home.
Nine families are still waiting for their loved ones to be found and, now, added to their initial devastation is a growing sense of frustration that it’s taking so long to repatriate all of the passengers’ remains.
The 196 Dutch victims came from all over the Netherlands. It says here that everyone knew someone or knows someone who knew someone on board.
Don, on the left, lost his younger brother, Eric, on the right. Don sold 50,000 of these white wristbands for charity and to unite the nation in sympathy and solidarity.
We have the life before 17 of July, and we have this life to deal with it. He was just…he was my little brother.
There were 80 children on the plane. 17 year old Elsamec was Hans’s only child.
Every time I go to the grave, I think it’s beautiful graveyards but this grave shouldn’t have been here. Sometimes I even think that she’ll-she’ll walk in here. No. Everyone thinks of his child because that’s the future of your life and that’s gone now. It’s incredible that I will…will never see her smile.
Many western countries have accused pro-Russian separatists of downing the flight with a surface-to-air missile. The Russians say their satellite images show Ukrainian fighter jets in the vicinity at the time. As more bodies are taken away to be identified and the Netherlands comes together for memorial day, all of the relatives are acutely aware the longer the wreckage lies scattered in fields in Eastern Ukraine, the less chance there is of ever finding the truth.
Anna Holligan, BBC News in Eindhoven.
Source: BBC

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