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The Dutch help build flood defences for British shorelines

6,000 tons of Norwegian rock to protect Lowestoft from flooding. The Victorian seawall partly collapsed during last year’s tidal surge. 140 homes and businesses were damaged. Decisions had to be taken about how to defend the town and they’re largely driven by cost.
There are quarries in Leicestershire and other places that can supply rock of a similar quality. But the cost of bringing those rocks by road is higher than bringing the rocks by barge from Norway.
In communities along the east coast, tens of thousands of people were forced to abandon their homes when the most serious tidal surge for more than 60 years struck. In Hemsby in Norfolk, seven properties were lost to the sea. In the Netherlands, experts have developed new ways of protecting the coast. This beach in South Holland is man-made; around 35 million tons of sand, dredged from the seabed.
It’s certainly very different from the rest of the Dutch coast. So different, they named the beach the sand engine because it acts like a natural motor, driving the current in different directions. You will see a change. It will change the U.K. New York is thinking of using a sand engine to make it safe against hurricanes like Sandy. So, it’s exciting times for people that like sandy stretches.
From the water, the project looks vast. 13 miles of coast have been strengthened. The work isn’t over yet. On board this is equipment which monitors just how the sands are changing.
Work on the unique project continues in the laboratory. This experiment looks at how the flow of water changes near the seabed.
Parts of East Anglia closely resemble the Dutch coast. Experts here are working with a team in The Netherlands and initial findings suggest similar schemes would be viable here but it would involve a huge financial investment and a change in attitude to use sand and the waves to protect our coast. Sharp Lloyd, BBC News.
Source: BBC

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