Apple Offers $1 Million to Anyone Who Can Break into iPhone

Apple Offers $1 Million to Anyone Who Can Break into iPhone

Apple says it will pay $1 million to any researcher who can successfully break into an iPhone. Other technology companies are also offering big payments for people to identify serious security threats in an effort to prevent major internet attacks. A company official recently announced the new reward at a yearly security conference in Las Vegas.

The Black Hat conference is attended by many security researchers who attempt to hack the computer systems of companies and governments. The researchers seek security weaknesses that need to be fixed to prevent outside attackers from breaking into systems and devices.

Apple’s $1 million offer is thought to be the largest reward promised by a major technology company to defend against internet attacks. The announcement came from Apple’s Head of Security Engineering and Architecture, Ivan Krstic.

The $1 million reward will be paid to any researcher who meets Apple’s conditions for gaining full access to an iOS device without assistance from the owner, the website AppleInsider reported.

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