How Risky Is Eating Red Meat?

How Risky Is Eating Red Meat?

Many studies have tied red meat food to cancer and heart disease. But are the risks big enough to stop eating foods like lamb chops and hamburgers?

A team of international researchers says probably not. Their findings, published as a series of papers Monday, go against established advice. A group of well-known U.S. scientists even took the unusual step of trying to stop publication until their criticisms were answered.

The new work does not say that red meat and processed meats such as hot dogs and bacon are healthy. It also does not suggest that people should eat more of such foods. The new work examined past studies on red meat and health problems. The researchers involved generally support the finding that red meat is tied to cancer, heart disease and other serious health risks.

But the researchers also say the evidence is weak. They say there could be other causes for the apparent link -- including a person’s other food choices and lifestyle.

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