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Have you ever been to Japan? Have you seen the statue of the dog Hachiko in front of the Shibuya train station in Tokyo? If your answer is "No", please read the story below.

Hachiko was the name of the dog of Eiyano - a professor teaching at a university in Japan. Since the first time they met, they were close friends.

Everyday when Eiyano went to work, Hachiko followed him to the Shibuya station and waited there till his owner came back. Sadly the professor died at work one day before he could come back home.

Although his owner could never be back, Hachiko still continued to wait at the station everyday. Some kind people at the station gave him food. He became a familiar image for passengers at the Shibuya station.

In 1935 Hachiko died when he was still waiting. A statue of him was put outside the station. Although the statue is small, it is not difficult to find.

It has been the place where people stand waiting for each other. Each day hundreds of people are here waiting for their friends or lovers.

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