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Pets are domesticated animals that we keep for pleasure. Of all the pets I like dog the most. In my house we have two dogs. One is an Alsatian dog and the other is a bulldog.

The Alsatian was bought locally by my mother and the bulldog was given to us by a European family. We call the Alsatian ‘Jimmie’ and the bulldog ‘Jonnie’. The dogs respond well whenever I call them by their names.

The Alsatian is kept mainly for watching our house especially at night. It barks loudly whenever there is a noise around our house. My favorite is the bulldog Jonnie.

It is a funny looking breed and rare in the world. I feed him bones, meat and dog-biscuits.

I bath him everyday to keep him clean. It follows me wherever I go. It knows the time I usually return from school and will wait at the gate to welcome me home.

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