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On the second Sunday in May, American children try to do something special for their mothers. It is one day out of the year when children, young and old, try to show how much they love their mothers.

England was one of the first countries to have Mother’s Day. English people call it “Mothering Sunday”. In the United States, Mother’s Day became a holiday in 1916.

An American girl - Anna Jarvis - wanted to do something special for her mother. Her mother - Mrs. Jarvis was a wonderful mother. She was the source of love and strength for the whole family.

Sadly she died on May 5, 1905. After her death, Anna wrote a letter to the government to ask for a day on which all the mothers in the country were honored.

The government agreed and decided to choose the second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day. Nowadays, Mother’s Day is popular in many countries around the world.

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