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Yoda - the cat with four ears

In Chicago, Illinois, couple Valerie and Ted Rock took the cat in two years ago after they visited a local bar, where a group of drinkers were handing the animal around and making fun of him.

Since being adopted by the Rocks and after getting his picture posted on the Internet, the two-year-old cat immediately became famous.

The Rocks have received calls from Good Morning America, Fox News and The Tyra Banks Show.

His pictures are shown in many magazines.

People are surprised at his extra pair of ears.

Despite his strange appearance, Yoda - named after the pointy-eared Star Wars character - is a perfectly normal and attractive cat.

His extra ears are thought to be the result of a genetic mutation.

He likes being taken for a walk with his owners.

But Yoda's owners are keeping a close watch on their much-loved pet.

They are concerned he could be catnapped because he is so different.

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