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Today we will continue with the story of the young man who wanted to find the meaning of life. After the experience he gained from the butterfly’s story, what other lessons will he learn?

When he was on his journey, it began to rain. As the rain got heavier and heavier, he had to find a cave for shelter. In the small cave he watched the harsh, cold wind blowing outside and the lightening lit the hillside with its brightness.

Nearby there was a great, solid oak tree and also a small willow tree fighting with the violent wind. The oak tree spoke proudly “I’m strong, and brave. I've never been afraid of anyone or anything.” Suddenly, the violent wind blew, and the oak tree was broken in only a few minutes.

The young man heard the fallen oak say: “I’m strong, rigid, solid and now broken.” The willow said, “I’m flexible. I’m a toy to the wind. I bend.” As the willow tree bend and swayed, bowing low to the ground, it survived.

When the storm became quiet, the young man got out of the cave. He has just got his second lesson of his trip: “Learn to bend, and move like the willow in the current; for then you can watch great things and learn from them without breaking.”

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