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Let’s come back to the young man and his journey. He was trying his best to reach the mountain top where he thought wisdom was. After climbing for hours he was so tired.

He sat down in the shadow of a cliff, and the wind whipped around the rocks in warning “No giving up!” it whispered “Get up, and fulfill your promise. Get up!”

The young man stood up and went on his way. Suddenly the young man was looking into a lovely meadow. The smell of flowers and sweet music seemed to fill the air, and the young man was drawn in

There were people laughing and dancing, and eating good food. And the young man wanted to join their fun. He picked some flowers near there and was going to join them.

Then a large sunflower spoke gently to him, “Don't lose your focus on what you are supposed to do just for the beauty of this moment. Do not let the laughter of the party change your vision. Do not allow this temptation to change your path”.The young man listened to the flower.

He looked longingly to the people who were playing, and he turned to follow the path to the top of the mountain.

From the sunflower he learnt not to give into temptation, for it would destroy all of his efforts.

He learned to recognize the things that would tempt him from the purpose of his work. Although there are times for fun, one must complete one’s work first.

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