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Firstly, playing sports can give you a healthy life and a fit body. You will be more active and healthier by playing sports. To illustrate, you can have a lower chance of getting a serious illness such as a heart attack or high blood pressure.

In other words, it increases your resistance to illness. In leisure time, you can play sports with your friends or your relatives, this not only helps you but also motivates everyone around you to take part in sports and have good health.

Furthermore, there are some sports which you can play easily such as table tennis, tennis or football and after that, you feel completely relaxed or even free from your stress.

Moreover, you also need to allow and encourage children to play sports, especially some outside activities such as football, basketball or volleyball to decrease the time that your children spend sitting in front of computers or watching television.

These sports can help them have endurance, quickness and even teach them how to improve team spirit and work in groups. These sports also teach them how to communicate with their teammates, and show them how active and creative they are.

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