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What about the ideal man? If you ask women today to name an attractive man, most mention someone like Russel Crowe, Mel Gibson or Denzel Washington: someone tall and strong, brave and ‘manly’.

In the eighteenth century, however, manliness was very different from what it is today. As well as wearing wigs, perfume and lots of make-up, a true gentleman showed his feelings by crying frequently in public.

According to one story, when the British Prime Minister, Lord Spencer Percival, came to give King George IV some bad news, both men sat down and cried!

And even now, Russel Crowe might not find it so easy to attract a woman if he visited the Dinka tribe of Sudan. They have always believed in the saying that “big is beautiful”.

Traditionally, each year, men compete to win the title of “the fattest man”. The winner is sure to find a wife quickly: for a Dinka woman, if a man is fat, it is also a sign that he is rich and powerful!

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