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The tradition of birthday parties started a long time ago. People thought that there was a special danger from evil spirits on birthdays so friends and family came together to bring good thoughts and wishes and even presents.

In the past, only kings had a birthday party, but as time went by, the public began to have their own birthday parties. There are some different traditions in different countries around the world.

In China, everyone celebrates their birthday on New Year’s Day. And on a child’s second birthday, family members put many things on the floor around the child. According to Chinese tradition, the first thing the child picks up will tell us what job the child will choose later in life.

In some countries, a 21st birthday cake often has a key on top or the cake itself is sometimes in a shape of a key. The key means that the young person is now old enough to leave and enter the family home at any time they want to.

For Japanese children, the third, fifth and seventh birthdays are particularly important. There’s usually a special party on these birthdays.

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