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Read the text below then answer the questions in Reading test 1.

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How not to die before you get old

Chiako is active and healthy. She gets up at 7am every day, takes a brisk 30 - minute walk and plays volleyball ball with her friends three times a week. There is nothing unusual about this, except that Chiako is 102 years old. She is not alone - there are hundreds of healthy centenarians who lead similar lives in Okinawa.
They also keep active by dancing, walking, and gardening. In other words, they do the things they enjoy.
Okinawans have developed a stress - resistant personality. Nobody is in a hurry, timetables are non - existent and there is always tomorrow. Hundreds of people, both young, and old, go to the beach every day to watch the spectacular sunsets. In Okinawa there is always time to watch the sun set.
As well as large extended families, Okinawans have strong, networks of friends. 'When someone is ill and doesn't come to work, a neighbor will always knock on their door to find out how they are.'
There's no magic pill. If you have good friends, a healthy diet and a stress - free lifestyle, you will live longer. It's as simple as that!


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