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Welcome to the Jungle
Tomorrow I’m sending all of you on a mandatory leadership wilderness retreat.
My name is Storm; Storm Rothchild. I will teach you teamwork, leadership, and if we’re not too careful we may have a little fun.
You must have big rocks between your legs.
Jesus, get a load of the pilot!
We’re all going to die!
Welcome to big momma nature’s house.
Not every Asian kid needs to know how to play the violin mom! I wanted to learn how to play baseball!
It’s not a game. It’s war!
Oh my god did that lunatic set explosives?
I’d say that’s a yes.
How are we going to get home, Storm ? Our pilot is dead.
Eventually someone’s going to have to decide which of us gets eaten first.
Javier is the fattest so he deserves to die. I’m sorry if that’s not PC!
Okay…Storm…we got it.
Anyone who wants to get serious about getting off this island you come with me. And the rest of you, you can just keep eating and drinking…just having unprotected sex all the time.
I don’t think he gave the greatest pitch in the world but I’m with him.
What are the chances of a dangerous animal on this island? Zero, so just come---
Grammar notes:
1. Jesus, get a load of the pilot!
- Get a load of something/somebody: nhìn, chú ý tới cái gì/ai
2. Eventually someone’s going to have to decide which of us gets eaten first.
- To be going to V: sẽ/chuẩn bị làm gì
- Get + PII = Be + PII: bị làm gì
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