Anh - Việt
Việt - Anh

My name is Jim.
I’m Lauren.
I got you buffalo shrimp with sauce on the side.
Oh my god! Who makes sauce this hot?
Okay, you’re going to call me in ten minutes so that I can tell him I have an emergency.
Hello? An avalanche in our back yard? I’ll be home right away. It’s an emergency.
I’ve been trying my best.
Garbage twisties?
I don’t know how to…
You’re awful.
I have two wonderful men in my life: Brendan and Tyler.
This t-shirt’s on fire!
Look at that: Africa – sun, sand, safaris.
My boys would give anything to go on a vacation like this.
No more dating for me. It’s time. I have money I should be spending with my kids. Time for spring break! You going to leave me hanging? Boom.
Hello everybody!
This is pretty cool, mom. What the fudge is he doing here?
Is this a sick dream?
Do I have a new mommy?
Isn’t this place fantastic? It’s so romantic!
We are not dating!
My mom is freaking hot!
No! Not hot…
That’s just wrong.
This is so pretty! Wow!
We’re out of gas!
Start running fast!
Get those legs going!
Oh my god! What happened to her face?
I painted it. She’s a kitty cat.
No, he’s a good daddy…He’s a bad daddy! He made me look like the walking dead!
You know, you should just go talk to him.
Oh, no no…I can’t.
Have you ever considered changing your hairstyle?
Ignoring it. Ignoring the weirdness.
Grammar notes:
1. He made me look like the walking dead!
- Make sb V: khiến ai làm gì
- Look like + N: trông giống cái gì
2. Have you ever considered changing your hairstyle?
- Consider Ving: cân nhắc làm việc gì
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