High school pupils suffer mental stress

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A survey of nearly 800 teenagers has revealed that up to 20 per cent of high-school students in the central city of Da Nang were found to have psychological disorders.
The survey, part of a stress research project on teenagers by Da Nang Psychiatric hospital in recent years, revealed that the problems often involved worries about studying.
Doctor Tran Hai Van, head of the child mental ward at the hospital, said high school teenagers were often stressed out by too much studying or criticized by their parents for producing poor grades.
"Many said they were tired out, but were forced to undertake extra studies." she said. "Failing to understand lectures and missing out on merit certificates adds to their pain."
Van said some teenage patients in the hospital's mental ward were found to have reserved all their time for study because of parental expectations.
She said the survey showed 88 per cent of students were scolded and punished by their parents if they did not perform well.
Hospital psychologist Dam Que Anh said high-school students had big changes in psychological make-up and character during puberty.
Anh said, “They often neglect their studies, have disputes with friends or fall in love with school-mates. However, they cannot share their problems with teachers or parents," she added that most shared their worries and sadness on Facebook or searched for help on the internet.
Vice director of the city's education and training department, Nguyen Minh Hung, said the results of the survey would help the department modify its education strategy.
Hung said, "We will organize a mass survey of all students at high schools in the city and map out a master plan to deal with psychology disorders at school."
Da Nang was the first city in Viet Nam to carry out the 2012-14 pilot project, which aims to create positive environments in schools.
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Source: vietnamnews

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