Unlicensed websites to be shut down

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On Saturday, a senior official announced that The Ministry of Information and Communications will temporarily suspend operations or shut down unlicensed websites.
Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Truong Minh Tuan, told the online newspaper Vietnam Plus that the suspension will remain in force until the websites received their licenses.
He said that the Department of Information and Communications and the Broadcasting and Electronic Information Authority would take actions against websites that had not yet received their licenses.
In fact, many websites were operating by copying stories from other sources without permission and presenting them as original work.
Tuan said that youths can be misguided by websites that provide inaccurate and/or false information as well as culturally decadent content.
The Deputy Minister said "The punishment would depend on the level of violations and there will be no exceptions".
The latest crackdown comes on the heels of a popular website, Haivl.com, being shut down permanently last Friday.
The Ministry of Information and Communications has transferred the case to the police for further investigation.
It also imposed a fine of VND205 million (US$9,700) on the company managing the website for several violations including unlicensed operation and provision of unlicensed online games, historical distortions and cultural misdemeanors.
Tuan said that his ministry had already taken tough action against several websites for providing wrong information and violating other regulations.
In August, the ministry imposed fines totaling VND387 million ($18,400) on four websites for providing inaccurate and false information.
It also issued a three-month ban and a fine of VND55 million (US$2,600) on the 2sao.vn website run by VietNamNet for wrong citations and alleged slander.
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Source: vietnamnews

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