Ministry issues instructions to stop H5N8 reaching VN

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The Ministry of Health has instructed the public to follow precautionary measures to prevent the A/H5N8 bird flu strain from spreading to Viet Nam after several cases were reported in European and Asian countries.
At a meeting of the National Steering Committee for Bird Flu Prevention and Control on Tuesday, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Department of Animal Health, Dam Xuan Thanh, said the virus had not been detected in Viet Nam so far, but there was a high risk of it spreading to the country.
He explained that unusual climate change would reduce animals' resistance to the virus, while more poultry was being transported to meet the increasing demand during the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) festival.
To prevent the virus from spreading, people are advised not to slaughter or eat sick or dead chickens and ducks, and to inform local authorities of such cases.
They should also seek medical help if they contract flu-like symptoms after contact with poultry.
The Ministry of Health is working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and international organizations to keep a close watch on the spread of the A/H5N8 virus in poultry and humans.
According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, no cases of A/H5N8 in humans had been recorded in the world so far.
However, the virus led to the destruction of millions of farm birds in Asia, mainly the Republic of Korea , China and Japan , after an outbreak earlier this year.
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Source: vietnamnews

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