HCM City struggles to control influx of substandard produce.

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High demand for farm produce and the sheer variety of ways in which it is brought into HCM City from other localities makes quality control a very difficult task.
Officials admit that tighter control of the production and trading of farm produce, including meat, was needed during the months leading to the New Year to prevent a strong influx of substandard products.
The Thu Duc District's Veterinary Division reported to have fined 255 businesses approximately VND700 million (US$33,000) and destroyed 11 tons of plant and animal products since the beginning of the year.
During the same period, the municipal Health Department has fined 41 businesses a total of VND600 million ($28,500), shut down four businesses, and destroyed unregistered products found on the premises of 15 businesses.
Phan Xuan Thao, director of the HCMC Veterinary Department, says the constantly high demand for farm products has created some management headaches.
He says city agencies are unable to monitor everything because traders keep finding new ways to bring the products in.
Nguyen Van Duc Tien, director of the city's Plant Protection Department, says that food quality has improved since the city started controlling the process at production sites.
Only one of 20 plant product samples collected from 22 businesses had pesticides and other plant protection drugs exceeding the accepted standard, and none of 5,000 collected samples from three distribution markets were found violating the regulation.
Chu Phu My, director of the Hanoi Agriculture and Rural Development Department has told the Economic and Urban Affairs newspaper that there are problems with the new policy that requires food producers to register and label their products before selling them.
He says that food enterprises, individuals and farming households are not used to working together within the new production - sale model.
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Source: vietnamnews

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