Vietnam implements reforms on the road to market economy

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Vietnam is into the second generation of institutional reforms that will help the nation's transition to a market economy and promote sustainable development.
This comment was made at the Vietnam Development Partnership Forum in Hanoi.
This year's theme covers accelerating economic institutional reform, strengthening resilience and enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnam’s economy.
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said economic institutional reform and development of the domestic private sector was the policy focus of the Vietnamese Government.
Despite major challenges in 2014, especially the complicated developments in the East Sea which had threatened the country's stability and all-around development, Prime Minister Dung said Vietnam has made remarkable achievements in all the fields of economics, politics, social affairs, security, and international integration.
Prime Minister Dung said that major tasks would be implemented next year to enhance the competitiveness of the national economy.
First, Vietnam would focus on taking full advantage of all resources, improving business environments and developing private sector, particularly small and medium enterprises.
Second, the country would continue to stabilize the macro-economy and constrain public debt.
Third, Vietnam would bolster international integration, implement signed economic and trade agreements and actively finalize ongoing negotiations. Prime Minister Dung said the free-trade agreements with the EU and South Korea would be concluded early next year.
Fourth, the nation was committed to accelerating economic restructuring, transforming the growth model, promoting public investment and speeding up equitization of State-owned enterprises with a focus on the quality, not the number, of change-overs.
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Source: vietnamnews

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