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Hand, foot and mouth disease infects 36 children

Hello. This is the Health report from English 123.
The Hanoi Health Department announced that thirty-six children have contracted hand, foot and mouth disease, with five outbreaks being reported in the city since the beginning of this year.
Deputy Director of the National Hospital of Paediatrics, Tran Minh Dien, said that the hospital has received several cases of children infected with the hand, foot and mouth disease in recent days. However, the condition of the patients was not serious.
Head of the Bach Mai Hospital's Children Department, Nguyen Tien Dung, said that only one to two cases of children with the disease reached the hospital daily.
According to health experts, the development of the disease will be unpredictable this year. So far, no vaccine has been developed for the ailment.
Hand, foot and mouth disease is an acute viral infection, common in children below three years old. The symptoms usually begin with a fever, sore throat and painful red blister-like lesions developed on the tongue, gums and inside the cheeks. The complications include viral meningitis, encephalitis and acute pneumonia, which can be fatal.
To reduce the risk of infection, parents should wash their children's hands with soap several times a day, disinfect touched surfaces such as toys and isolate the infected patients promptly.
I’m Nick Veinot. We’ll be back with more news from English 123.
Source: vietnamnews

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