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Unit 5: Free Time Activities


Phrasal Verbs to Learn
hang around
/hæŋ əˈraʊnd/
quanh quẩn, lang thang (ở khu nào đó)
Who is this man that is hanging around the department?
ask out
/ɑːsk aʊt/
hẹn hò, mời ai đi chơi
He wanted to ask her out but was too shy.
call on
/kɔːl ɒn/
ghé thăm
As we were in the area, we called on my sister-in-law.
mess around
/mes əˈraʊnd/
dành thời gian làm gì như một thú vui
We spent the day messing around on the river.
take off
/teɪk ɒf/
rời đi, cất cánh (máy bay)
When he saw me coming, he took off in the opposite direction.
stay up
/steɪ ʌp/
thức khuya
We stayed up half the night talking.
turn in
/tɜːn ɪn/
đi ngủ
I turned in at half past eleven because I had an early start the next morning.
Reading & Listening
Các bạn hãy đọc đoạn văn dưới đây để hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.
My Day
When I was a teenager, I used to hang around in the park with my friends because there wasn't much to do in my hometown. Sometimes, when I wasn't feeling shy, I would ask out girls. Sometimes they would say yes, usually no. When it was too wet for the park, I would call on my uncle Peter. He loved cars, so we would mess around with old engines, trying to get them to work. Because he worked nights at a factory, I would always take off from his place at around dinner time. Then at home I'd stay up late watching TV. I'd never turn in before midnight.
Short Conversations
Các bạn hãy nghe các mẩu hội thoại dưới đây để hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.

W: How is your dad recently?

M: He's really gone to the dogs since he lost his job at the auto plant. All he does now is hang around the house, watch TV, drink beer and mess around with gardening.

W: Anthony, I'm tired from staying up late yesterday. I'll continue our assignment tomorrow morning. OK?

M: OK. I think you should turn in early.

W: Have you met Daisy today?

M: John called on her house in the morning and asked her out. It seems that they took off at 10 o'clock. And they haven't come back home yet.

W: I see.

Phrasal Verb Quiz
Các bạn hãy làm bài quiz sau đây để ôn tập cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.


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