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Unit 11: Health


Phrasal Verbs to Learn
come down with
/kʌm daʊn wɪð/
mắc phải, bị (bệnh)
I think I'm coming down with the flu.
fight off
/faɪt ɒf/
chống lại, kháng lại
Her body couldn't fight the infection off.
block up
/blɒk ʌp/
bị tắc, làm tắc (mũi)
My nose was blocked up due to my flower allergy.
swell up
/swel ʌp/
sưng lên
It was obvious she had broken her toe because it immediately started to swell up.
throw up
/θrəʊ ʌp/
nôn mửa (ói)
He threw up his breakfast all over the back seat of the car.
pass out
/pɑːs aʊt/
bất tỉnh, ngất xỉu
I was hit on the head and passed out.
shake off
/ʃeɪk ɒf/
tống khứ, cố gắng khỏi (bệnh)
I hope I can shake off this cold before the weekend.
Reading & Listening
Các bạn hãy đọc đoạn văn dưới đây để hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.
My Health Problems
I feel as I'm coming down with flu. I'm fighting off a sore throat and my nose is constantly blocked up. My glands have swollen up and if I try to eat anything I feel as if I'm going to throw up. I've passed out a couple of times recently. I wish I could shake it off as I have so much work to do. I can't afford to be absent.
Short Conversations
Các bạn hãy nghe các mẩu hội thoại dưới đây để hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.

A: What do you usually drink when you're sick?

B: I drink a lot of lemonade when I come down with a cold, the flu or sore throat.

A: What is the new program about?

B: It deals with traditional therapies to fight off common illnesses.

A: It is terrible to hear about your car crash! How are you now?

B: My right knee has swollen up badly and it is very painful.

A: How does the soup taste?

B: It's terrible. I just want to throw it up.

A: For how long does a person often pass out?

B: Just a couple of minutes as passing-out is a temporary loss of consciousness. The episode is brief and is followed by rapid and complete recovery.

Phrasal Verb Quiz
Các bạn hãy làm bài quiz sau đây để ôn tập cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.


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