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Unit 16: Computer


Phrasal Verbs to Learn
turn on
/tɜːn ɒn/
to start a machine (bật máy)
I turn the radio on to get the weather forecast every morning.
switch off
/swɪtʃ ɒf/
to stop a machine from working (tắt máy và có ngắt hẳn nguồn điện)
I remember switching off all the lights and locking the door carefully before coming here.
log in
/lɒɡ ɪn/
to enter a restricted area on a computer system (đăng nhập vào một khu vực bị giới hạn trên máy tính)
I had forgotten my password and couldn't log in.
sign out
/saɪn aʊt/
to close a computer program that requires a name and password (thoát một chương trình máy tính có yêu cầu tên đăng nhập và mật khẩu)
If you don’t sign out from your account before closing the browser, you will have to wait for 15 minutes before you can log in again.
sign up
/saɪn ʌp/
to give your name to subscribe (đăng ký - cung cấp thông tin)
Forums always require you to sign up for an account before you can post anything.
print out
/prɪnt aʊt/
to make a hard copy of a computer document (in văn bản - tạo thành bản cứng)
Can you print out five copies of the new contract for me, please?
stand by
/stænd baɪ/
to be waiting and ready for something to happen (trạng thái chờ và sẵn sàng làm gì)
When you are not at your desk for a while, remember to put the computer in stand-by mode to save energy.
log off
/lɒɡ ɒf/
to exit a computer system (thoát hệ thống máy tính)
When she finished working on the spreadsheet, she logged off and left the office.
Reading & Listening
Các bạn hãy đọc đoạn văn dưới đây để hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.
How to work on a computer safely
Computer usage is increasing all over the world. However, using computers can be dangerous. Also wrong behavior when using the computer might cause damage to the computer. This article will tell you how to safely work on your computer.


Never touch any of the circuit boards inside the computer while it is turned on. You will risk electrical shock and possibly ruin your computer. Before working on a computer, always switch the power off and unlug the power cable. Before touching anything in the computer, it is smart to connect a grounding cable or anything that removes static electricity.


Never share financial information over the internet. Always use some sort of privacy program like encryption or anonymous IP when logging in with a banking account or anything that requires a credit card number. And you are also strictly recommended to sign out of your accounts before closing the internet browsers.


Be careful about sharing your personal information over the internet. When you sign up for an account, an online course or a social activity, be sure that you are accessing an authorized website. Additionally, spending some time to read through the Terms of Use before clicking on the agree box is highly recommended.


Never have your lunch or drinks near the computer keyboard you are working on. Some people have the bad habit of eating their lunches at their desk while their computer standing by. Both of food and drinks, when stuck in the keyboard, will not only create physical damage but also facilitate bacterial development.


Get away from the computer after a maximum 2 hours of use. People that work on computer for a long time are 3 times more likely to have problems with their bones, joints, muscles and nerves. If you don’t want to put yourself at risk for health problems, try to come up with an any excuse to log off your computer and get away from it after 2 hours of use. If you want to continue working, you can print your work out for a real “offline reading” instead of sticking your eyes to the screen.
Short Conversations
Các bạn hãy nghe các mẩu hội thoại dưới đây để hiểu hơn về cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.

A: Could you turn on the laptop for me please? I have forgotten my flight number and I need to check it again.

B: I have just put the computer on stand by to charge the battery. Wait for a few minutes, we still have a lot of time left.

A: Oh God. Next time if you need to charge the battery, please switch it off. That helps to extend the battery life.

A: My account has just been deactivated for not using it for 3 months. Can I log in with your ID please?

B: I don't think it's a good idea. You can sign up again easily. It doesn't take a lot of time.

A: Don't log off the computer. I'm downloading some videos for my presentation next week.

B: Sure. I just wanna print out some documents. I will drag your downloading windows to the taskbar, OK?

A: Yup. You can also sign out of my yahoo messenger if necessary.

Phrasal Verb Quiz
Các bạn hãy làm bài quiz sau đây để ôn tập cách sử dụng của các cụm động từ trong bài học.


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