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Task 1:
You are going to listen to two conversations between the waiters and the customers at the restaurant. Listen to them carefully and complete the quiz below:
Bạn sẽ được nghe hai đoạn hội thoại giữa người phục vụ và khách hàng tại quán ăn. Hãy chú ý lắng nghe và hoàn thành bài luyện tập sau đây:



Bạn hãy nhấn vào nút dưới đây để xem phần lời của hai đoạn audio trên.

Audioscript 1:

Man: Can I take your order please?
Woman: Yes, can I have 2 super king size burgers please?
Man: Two super king size, yeah.
Woman: With a lots fries.
Man: Anything to drink with that?
Woman: Yes, two lemonade please.
Man: Eat in or take away?
Woman: Sorry?
Man: Do you want to eat here or take away?
Woman: Oh, eat here please.
Man: Right, it’s 8.50 pounds please.

Audioscript 2:

Man: Perfect pizza, Good evening!
Woman: Yes, I’d like to order a pizza, to be delivered, please.
Man: Alright. What would you like?
Woman: The one with all the different kinds of cheese. I haven’t got the menu, what’s the name of it?
Man: Right, that’s the Cheese Supreme.
Woman: That’s it.
Man: And is that the regular, large or extra large?
Woman: How much is the extra large?
Man: The regular is 7.60, the large is 10.60 and the extra large is 12.60.
Woman: Oh, the large Cheese Supreme, please.
Man: Anything else?
Woman: Yes, a litter bottle of diet lemonade, please.
Man: Right!
Woman: How much is that altogether?
Man: That’s 10.60 for the pizza, 1.25 for the drink. So that’s 11.85 altogether.
Woman: Okay.
Man:: Alright! What’s the address?
Woman: It’s 28 Southland Road.

Task 2
You are going to listen to three people who are talking about their favorite food. Listen to them carefully and complete the following quizzes:
Bạn sẽ được nghe ba người nói về đồ ăn yêu thích của họ. Hãy chú ý lắng nghe và hoàn thành những bài luyện tập sau đây:


Bạn hãy nhấn vào nút dưới đây để xem phần lời của đoạn audio trên.

Adrienne, The United States

What is my favorite food? I don't have a favorite food. I don't have a food that I would eat every day for the rest of my life if I could only choose one thing. That doesn't exist for me. I do like spicy food though, so anything spicy is good for me and the best foods are Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai. These are all, some of my favorites because they are particularly spicy foods.

Phil, England

What's my favorite food? My favorite food is Okonomoyaki. Okonomoyaki is a Japanese food. It's similar I guess to an English pancake but it involves different kinds of cabbage and meat and an egg. And they mixed together and then in the restaurant you would cook it in front of yourself and it's very delicious and usually you have barbecue sauce and mayonnaise on top. I also like paella, which is Spanish food. It has yellow rice and lots of different types of seafood and sometimes it can be spicy.

Barbara, Australia

What's my favorite food? Well, these days I really love fruit, especially grapes and I also like avocados. I don't really go for green apples though. They usually taste too sour. In the past I liked Italian food but these days I'm trying to be more healthy so I cut that out.

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