Review test 1-5

Reading Test 3: Read about Andy – Kevin's best friend, then do the following quiz.
My friend Andy
A. My best friend’s name is Andy. He’s very nice, and he’s really funny. He’s 22, and he’s a student at university. He isn’t married, but he has a beautiful girlfriend. Her name is Carrie, and she’s American.
B. Andy’s parents have a flat in Manchester. It’s near the center of town. His father’s a taxi driver, and his mother has a part-time job in a hospital.
C. He has two sisters. Their names are Alison and Molly. They’re both at school.
D. Andy has a lot of CDs. His favorite music is rock’ n’ roll, and his favorite pop group is Mood. He is also a fan of Manchester United!
When we’re together, we have a good time.


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