Listening comprehension
Hướng dẫn

1Bạn hãy chuẩn bị giấy, bút để có thể ghi nhanh lại những từ, ý chính trong khi nghe

2Đọc kỹ hướng dẫn, yêu cầu và câu hỏi trước khi nghe.

3Nghe lại bài kèm lời thoại nhiều lần sau khi hoàn thành bài tập.

Yêu cầu

Trong phần luyện tập bên dưới, các bạn lưu ý:

Từ câu hỏi số 1 đến câu số 5, các bạn sẽ nghe Audio 1 - đoạn hội thoại giữa một nhân viên bán hàng và khách hàng. Bạn sẽ nghe tại đây:

Từ câu hỏi số 6 đến câu số 9, các bạn sẽ nghe Audio 2 – một đoạn hội thoại khác giữa nhân viên bán hàng và khách hàng. Bạn sẽ nghe tại đây:

Từ câu hỏi số 10 đến câu số 14, các bạn sẽ nghe Audio 3 – một đoạn giới thiệu về “Big Box Store”. Bạn sẽ nghe tại đây:

Listening comprehension quiz


Các bạn có thể nghe lại bài kèm lời thoại nhiều lần bằng cách nhấn vào nút dưới đây:

Conversation 1

Customer : Hi, how are ya? I'm sorry to complain, but I bought this watch here last week, and it was working great until I went to the beach this weekend. It was a pretty expensive watch, but now it's completely stopped working.

Shop assistant : Oh, no. Sorry to hear that. You say you went to the beach? Did the watch get wet?

Customer : Yes, I was wearing it in the ocean, but look, right here on the label it said the watch is guaranteed to be waterproof.

Shop assistant : Let me see... Well, you're right about that. I think the store can send the watch back to the manufacturer. Do you have your receipt to prove that you bought it here?

Customer : Definitely...Here it is.

Shop assistant: Ok... You just bought it last week, so it should be no problem to give you a refund. Did you pay with cash or credit card?

Customer : Credit card.

Shop assistant : Ok, if you give me your card again, I'll send the refund amount to your credit card company.

Customer : Thanks for your help. You guys always have the best customer service!

Conversation 2

Shop assistant : Are you finding everything you need today?

Customer : Well, I could use some help. I'm looking for a warm coat for winter.

Shop assistant : Ok, we have several different kinds over here, and the ones with the red tags are on sale for 25% off this week. What size are you?

Customer : A medium. But sometimes I wear a large - it depends on the brand.

Shop assistant : Ok, well let me know if I can help with anything else.

Customer : Sounds good. Let me just try on this medium one in blue. Yeah, it fits fine. I'll take it.

Shop assistant : Nice. Those are a great deal with the 25% discount. You know... I'm not sure where the cashier went. But, I can ring you up at this register over here.

Customer : Thanks.

Shop assistant : Ok, will that be cash or check?

Customer : Cash. Here's a fifty.

Shop assistant : Great. And, here's your change, 17 back. And, your receipt. If you have your receipt, you can return it for a full refund in the next 10 days. Do you want a bag?

Customer : No thanks. Trying to save the environment you know.

Shop assistant : Cool. Do you want to wear the coat home? I can cut the labels off.

Customer : Sure, might as well.

Big Box Store

For better or for worse, one of America's biggest contributions to the way the world goes shopping is the ''Big Box Store''. A box store is not just a chain store, it's a chain of truly giant stores: 10,000 square meters at a minimum. Stores that are ten to fifteen thousand meters in size usually specialize in one area of products, like books, or toys, or clothes, or construction materials, or of course, electronics and computers. Customers like to shop at box stores because there is so much selection, and it's so convenient to have so many choices in one place. Prices at box stores are generally pretty good - much better than smaller specialty shops, but for many products you can often find an even better price if you shop online.

The big box store might have been an American invention, but the business model is now common around the world. All the big European countries, and of course China, now have international chains of big box stores with hundreds of locations around the globe. Stores like this are always an interesting reflection of culture, since the products on the shelves are different depending on what the customers want in different places.

You can also see culture at work in the opening hours of these stores. While box stores in most countries are open long hours, in the US they are usually open from 8am to 10pm or later.

While there are many different kinds of big box stores around the world, the US has some of the biggest, where the truly big stores are almost 25,000 square meters. These are the 'Supercenters' where the famous phrase is: 'everything under one roof'. This is where you can buy a bottle of milk, a designer skirt, a plasma TV, a 3 meter ladder, and see an eye doctor to get new glasses made. And the back of the stores often have a service center where the mechanic will change your car's oil while you are shopping.

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