How to Make Hesitation
Speaking Lecture
How to make hesitation
Speaking Tasks

Bài học ngày hôm nay bạn cần hoàn thành 2 nhiệm vụ thu âm dưới đây:

Task 1: Read the dialogue and then record your voice. (Bạn hãy đọc và ghi âm theo mẫu.)

A:How are you doing?

B: Well, I am doing great.

A: What movies have you seen lately?

B: Erm, I saw “Forest Gump” the other day.

A: What type of movie is that?

B: Actually, the movie is a drama.

A: I can’t believe you are watching movies. The weather is great. You should be outside.

B: Well, you know, I hate the hot weather. I’d rather stay indoors with the air conditioner.

A: What else do you like to do besides watching movies?

B: I’m not sure, erm, maybe, playing computer games, reading books, erm, going shopping, and, well, playing pool.

Task 2: Questions and responses (Bạn hãy ghi âm câu trả lời cho các câu hỏi bên dưới.)

1. Do you usually drink coffee in the morning?

2. Do you usually eat out with your family?

3. Do you often make your own meals?

4. Have you ever tried Korean food? (and if no, why not?)

5. Do you think that eating out is bad for our health?

Task 1 :

Bạn hãy chạm vào biểu tượng Mic bên dưới để thu âm task 1

Task 2 :

Bạn hãy chạm vào biểu tượng Mic bên dưới để thu âm task 2

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