This is the young little Basilisk, also known as the Jesus Christ lizard, you’ll find out why in a second. Basilisks can be found in Costa Rica as well as throughout central and south America rainforests, near rivers and streams.

Look! There’s the father lizard doing some crazy head dance. And there’s the mommy lizard, hi mom. I’m just a young girl basilisk. Now Basilisks generally eat insects as well as berries and other small little fruits.

Whoops, looks like that snack got away. Basilisks get their name from Basiliscus, the Greek mythological creature comprised of rooster, snake and a lion. And it turns any man into stone with its gaze. Now look at this one, oh! Here comes a snake.

When the Basilisk senses danger, it quickly runs across…oh ho ho holy sht look at that little lizard. Right now it’s using its tail as a counter weight as it runs up to 5.2 miles per hour across the water. Haha Jesus Christ has returned… as a lizard.

Haha, look at him running across the water like that.  You go Jesus Christ lizard. Get away from that stupid snake. Oops, and he’s off. Stupid snake, you won’t be having Jesus Christ lizard today, will you? Shame on you!That’s the basilisk for you, it’s crazy.

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