Giant octopus

It’s hard to believe that these tiny little bubbles of life could grow into thirty foot monsters in just three years. Already the cold was starting to get to me.

We had only a few more minutes and it looked like the female was all we were going to find. But then, a trail of destruction, the smashed remains of giant octopus snacks.

Obviously something is eaten here, I mean well by the look of it. A bit of crab claw. Oh…. My… hat. Are you alright? Are you alright? It’s scary but he’s just checking me out. I hope. Here, absolutely good.

Although giant octopuses are strong they run out of energy surprisingly fast. They have bad circulation and need three hearts to pump their blood.

Octopus blood is weird. It’s pale blue and not very good at carrying oxygen, which why they need these cold oxygen rich waters so badly.

The giant octopuses really thrive in the cold but for most animals it’s still a serious problem.

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