The Joy of Dance

I think what I love about dance is its joy. It’s the joy of movement, it’s the artistry.
I am the dance photographer for The New York Times; that’s my primary beat. It’s sports photography in the dark when you don’t know the game.
In sports photography you have some sense of what happens - in a basketball game or a football game you know what, generally, to expect but when the curtain goes up on a dance performance you have no idea what you’re about to see. Honestly, I’m just trying to keep up.
Following the music in my head, keeping an eye on all corners of the stage and what’s happening here, what’s happening there and who’s important and who’s not important. Just making sure that I’m as much a part of what’s happening in front of me as possible.
A long time ago in a different life I was a dancer. I do have a sense of, what I call, choreographic vocabulary. So, I can read the steps and see preparations for a movement to come so that I can get that moment.
I like looking for symmetry of shape. There will always be, you know, one person who’s doing something amazing so they can make a picture but a picture of one person doing something amazing doesn’t always make a photograph.
What I like to see, what I look for is interlocking shapes. Beautiful shapes made by different bodies that, sort of, complement each other or at least, maybe, all work into a pattern just to make it a more interesting photograph.
Dance is movement, it just has an ability to, take you to another place, change your outlook.

Source: nytimes

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