Redmayne & Jones: Interview

They didn’t shoot the film in order. Right? And so it’s different… You might do one scene one day and then the next day, it’s ten years ago so you have to change, physically, according to where Stephen was – right? – from day to day.
Unfortunately it’s so difficult now to-nowadays to make a film chronologically; it really doesn’t happen because if you’re shooting in Cambridge, exteriors in Cambridge, it costs quite a lot of money to shut down Cambridge for a day. And our first day filming was, for both of us, a trial by fire because we had to play each of our characters at completely different ages within the same day. Through working with this specialist she—by taking old photos of Stephen to her—she could work out which muscles stopped working, when. And we would then…I wrote a sort of thing of each of the scenes and…and which muscle was going when and which glasses he was wearing and which-which…whether he was on one walking stick or two…or which chair he was in.
Whether Jane had her Dorothy Hamill haircut?
Yes, exactly. Different hair lengths…
And of how many children we had, you know, important things like that.
I know! There’d always be a different baby and we’d be like…Robert or Lucy, which one is it? It’s like, “It doesn’t matter, just shoot it!”
There was actually day. It was…we were like…
There was a day when we weren’t sure which one of our children it was. We probably shouldn’t say that.
It’s so method.
Yeah, exactly!
It just comes from, I love the idea back in the day that you’d make films over, sort of, five months but often it is compressed with this kind of film, which is a – you know – a drama and there isn’t always that much time so we would, yeah, be jumping between being in our mid-40’s and then suddenly being innocent and naïve and starting off when they first meet when they’re 18 and 20.

Source: nytimes

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