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Drones and Videography

More videographers are using small drones to capture that perfect, death defying shot of a wedding. The federal aviation administration does not administer permits to fly drones for commercial purposes at this time and the laws surrounding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles are still evolving.
This June, Parker Gyokeres shot aerial footage of New York State Congressman Patrick Maloney’s wedding. That prompted Mr. Maloney’s challenger in the upcoming November election to take the congressman to task for possibly violating FAA guidelines.
There’s an explosion of this technology and it’s not going to go away if they just tell us we can’t use it. We want the FAA to tell us how to operate as safely as possible and not flying is not the answer.
Mr. Gyokeres has been an air force photojournalist since 2006 and plans on retiring this month. He hopes to use the drone he built himself to make aerial videography his professional specialty.
There’s no view like it. It’s absolutely incredible to see the view from the air. Everything looks amazing, the people in the wedding look amazing. It looks like something out of a storybook. It looks like something out of a movie.
Mr. Gyokeres says that aerial photography is not as simple as just launching a drone in the air.
You’re flying it near people that you love very much and you don’t want any of them hurt.
He uses a 30 point safety checklist because sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Like last year, when this wedding shooter’s video went viral.
While government regulators work on clearer guidelines for this emerging technology, wedding shooters are at work on their technique.
Up and over, up and over, up and over.
And making that distinctive sound a little more palatable.

Source: nytimes

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