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A Ferguson Activist in New York

For the day that Michael Brown was shot, I was actually at work on that day and I heard gunshots but I didn’t know where they were coming from. I thought it was just gunshots and then when I got off work that’s when everyone began to cry and it was just really, a really sad day.
It made me think of, like, why did this happen?Like, what is the reason for this?
If we get arrested we call them so we can have one free call to the lawyer or whoever the other person is
I choose to stand up but the reason I’m here in New York is because I want to show respect to Mike Brown and his family. I feel, like, if I would have protested, if we would have protested there then we would have took something from him.
In what van do we get in?
Ferguson, here it’s all one thing because in Ferguson, we need to stand up for what was right. Here, we need to stand up for what’s right. It’s all our rights.
Most young men, they feel, why would they go out and get a job that pays 7.50, they can’t even make ends meet.
We can’t survive off making the minimum wage that they want us to make. Is it too much, though? Is fifteen dollars too much to ask for?
A meal at McDonalds is more than I make in an hour. I feel like, if you can make a meal that price, you can pay your workers a high-a higher pay wage. We’re on 41st and 7th Avenue. This is where the strike begins.
Most of these fast food workers are middle-aged single mothers. Everybody - most of these fast food workers have kids. I’m four months pregnant right now. 7.50’s not gon’(going to) get it. 7.50’s not gon’ get it. I need more.
First it gave us a boost because it really helped us realize that some people really don’t care about you and if you don’t care about yourself and take a stand for yourself you’ll always be at the bottom.
I’ve been arrested four times for civil disobedience regarding the fast food protests and regarding the Mike Brown situation because I’ll do whatever it takes to stand up for what’s right.
It kind of embarrasses these corporations to have their names getting with fast food workers getting arrested because they standing up because they not paying them enough.
That we have to get arrested. I mean it is kind of sad that we have to make those steps. These corporations make billions and billions of dollars each year. If it wasn’t for the workers, they wouldn’t even have a company to run. We work our butts off so I think to be seeing them get arrested for what they believe in, I love it. Like, we’re making history that’s going to change not only us, but change the world.

Source: nytimes

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