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Chicken, to me, is best the day that it is killed. The flavor of the fresh chicken is completely different. We’re used to, in this country, chicken that has been refrigerated for a long time. Our chickens never see the fridge.
I grew up in New York but every summer, when I used to go to Korea, the chicken tasted different. The chicken was, you know, a lot better and, you know, I was wondering why it was so. You go to the markets in Korea, you only buy chicken that’s been killed that day. I tried to recreate that philosophy.
The chicken that we serve at Hanjan is raised in Pennsylvania.
This is probably the best product you can eat. Any restaurant that doesn’t serve this product - you can’t get it from a distributor. You can only get it from La Pera Brothers Live Poultry.
Our butcher brings the chickens into his little factory in Brooklyn.
This is a Chinese chicken, it’s called a Silky. It goes to the beautician, you know? Gets its hair done.
And then it is delivered to our restaurant by around 1-2 o’clock.
As soon as they come in, we first break down the legs, the thighs, the breasts, and then the skin. What we do with the chicken wings is we marinate it in soy sauce, sake, and mirin. After that, it’s just simply grilled.
The freshness doesn’t just come from a lack of refrigeration taste, the texture initially is much softer, the meat’s much juicier, and the flavor of that chicken comes straight at you.
Korean restaurants in the U.S for such a long time, our target audience were other Koreans. What I wanted to do was bring the flavors from my country and to share that with New Yorkers.

Source: nytimes

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