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Corvette Collection Restored to Shine

After sitting in different garages for the past 20 years, these long-neglected Corvettes are coming out of storage.
They deserve to be brought back to life and refurbished.
Sitting for so long, you know, they’ve dried out. These cars have rotted and some of them are of great value. So it’s more value in restoring the car than just cleaning it up the way it is.
The most talked-about prize package in television history now has an owner.
The collection was the grand prize in a 1989 contest sponsored by VH1.
Only in America and only on VH1.
It was 36 Corvettes in all: one from every year starting with their debut in 1953 but the winner sold the collection to the artist Peter Max to use in an art project.
But the Max project stalled and over the years the Corvettes moved from garage to garage across the city from Midtown to Flatiron and now the auction block.
Over the past twelve years we’ve been responsible for moving the cars about four different times from four different locations throughout New York – Manhattan and The Bronx primarily – and we’ve always kind of had our eye on the collection since we saw them about twelve years ago.
The Hellers, along with another family, purchased the collection ealier this year and hired a consultant to oversee the restorations.
The 1953, which is the most valuable car in the collection, is one of 300 made. Its number is 291, so it’s one of the latter production cars. That car is going to get a full frame-off restoration. I think when the restoration is done on the 53, that will be somewhere between 300 and 400 thousand dollars.
Heller plans on selling the cars next year, but whether they stay together as a collection is yet to be determined.
To be the owner of this actual collection is amazing and to see them all cleaned up, I wasn’t expecting them to look like they do today.

Source: nytimes

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