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The world’s biggest Tetris
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: People think of this as a game event, I think of this as a public art event. Technology has, sort of, made us isolated from each other. I want us to be with each other, play with each other.
FRANK LEE, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF DIGITAL MEDIA, DREXEL UNIVERSITY: It is the biggest Tetris in the world but beyond that it will be the biggest video game in the world.
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: This is the Cira Centre. It’s a beautiful, asymmetrical glass skyscraper in the city of Philadelphia. It has LED lights; about 1,400 or so. If you can tell, there’s a light… LED light fixture right there and we’re basically hacking into those lights to create an amazing art/game of Tetris for… this week’s Philly Tech Week.
GAYLORD HOLDER, SENIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, DREXEL UNIVERSITY: We’ve got two modes. One is, we’re going to play on the north side and also be reflected on the south side but we also want to do two people playing – north against south.
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: When the blocks fall…you can fill up a row… normally that just disappears but in a two person Tetris, that row is going to show up on your opponent’s side. Part of the thing is the restriction because even though it’s a giant building…the resolution on the building, the number of pixels we actually get to turn on and off is really very, very small. Most people’s phones have a higher resolution than the building that we’re working.
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Last year, for the first time ever, we put on the interactive game of Pong for Philly Tech Week 2013. That was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest architectural video game display. I just simply think of it as the largest display in the world. The Tetris game this year will be twice as big. So, on paper, it is going to be the next world record. We just have to go through the formal process of recognition.
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Tetris is a cultural icon. A nine-year-old child will know Tetris…90-year-old grandmother will know Tetris. It is worthwhile celebrating the fact that it’s been with us for 30 years and Tetris is still being made.
UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Yeah, yeah I got it. Don’t scare me like that! ………….I won!
Source: nytimes

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