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Ice Bucket Challenge

Everybody ready? 1-2-3.
This is Emily Steel, I’m a media reporter for The New York Times.
The ALS association, which supports research and funding for what’s commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, has raised more than 41.8 million dollars in the past couple of weeks.
Everybody from chief executives to rock stars, and actresses, and other celebrities have dumped buckets of ice on their heads.
George Bush has done it, Justin Bieber has too. Bill Gates even designed his own contraption.
Social media activity on Facebook and Twitter has been dominated by this Ice Bucket Challenge. On Twitter, there have been millions of tweets.
Some people have called this ‘slacktivism’ where people will click or post activity on Facebook for a good cause without there being any real effect.
Regardless, the group now has so much money than ever before and they’re trying to figure out how to spend it.
Source: nytimes

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