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Hunger Games

This is one you’ll like because you’ve been reading the series in that you’ve been in a very deep cave or another planet. You know that “The Hunger Games” opened in movie theaters nationwide on Friday. It’s broken a lot of records at the box office already.

And the Hollywood Reporter is now saying it’s on track to make it, get this, 140 -150 million dollars just this weekend. Making it one the ten biggest movie openings ever. Brian Rooney looks at the Hunger Games frenzy.

Rooney: The draw for a young audience is a story about surviving the trials of adolescence, actually surviving them. Based on a popular trio of books, “The Hunger Games” is about a post- apocalyptic world in which teenagers are drafted into a fight to the finish survival game.

Talk about teenage angst. The heroine is Katniss Everdeen, a no-nonsense girl who hits the prime audience target for making money.

Random Viewer: Absolutely amazing, must see it, go see it. Its opening numbers put Hunger Games in a league with Harry Potter and the vampires of Twilight.

Paul: Word of mouth used to be something that took days to happen and with Facebook and Twitter it happens instantaneously. The good news for the Hunger Games is that all the social networking seems to be very positive.

The crush at the box office is not the only phenomenon surrounding this movie. The Hunger Games seems to have created a craze not just for books and movie tickets but for something else as well.

Archery, crowds are building ranges and the archery industry reports a 20 percent rise in equipment sales in the past year. Much of the sport’s growing popularity attributed to a teenage girl who’s now killing the competition at the box office. For CBS This Morning Saturday I’m Brian Rooney, Los Angeles.

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