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America’s Got Talent 2010 - Haspop

Welcome back to America’s Got Talent. It’s the last session of the day and the judges are ready to see what LA’s got left. How you doin’? Good thank you. What’s your name? Haspop.

Hi my name is Haspop, I’m from France and I’m 33 years old and I’m here for dance.  I just start dancing in the street; I make no money, I just like, enjoy to do this for people. I have no training, I just learn by myself. I love to dance, I take the subway, the metro, you have some music, I want to move, I want to dance, I’m always dancing.

I have two kids, beautiful kids. My energy is all I have, I am thinking of all my kids in France. I want my kids to be proud of his father that’s it.

When I go out on stage I have to go 100%, 10,000%. I started in the street and right now I am ready for go like very far I can. This is my American dream.

Hi Haspop, go ahead, get it poppin’. Hello. Hello. How are you? Good, thank you. And what is your name? Haspop. What? Haspop.
Has Pop Has Pop Haspop?  Where’re you from? I’m from France. You’re from France? Yes.

Haspop, what do you do? My acting includes Miming, acting and dancing. Wow. And do you do this for a living? Do you do this fulltime? Do you have another job? I do this in Santa Monica on the promenade, in the street. I put my hat, and I dance. Oh, at the Third Street Promenade? At the outdoor mall here in Los Angeles. Exactly.

Umm, Voila ! Voila, Thank you. Haspop, tore it up! Somewhere in France.

Woah, I have never seen anything like that in my life.

I was, really like “oh no, the ninety seconds are up”. I wanted it to go on and on. It was just amazing, fantastic.

Before we vote I just want to say that you say that you’ve been doing this in the streets?.
Yes. And I’m telling you, it was phenomenal, you deserve to do this indoors. So I’m going to start the voting, I’m going to say, Yes.

It’s a yes from me.
And it is a oui from me. You’re going to Vegas. Three! Get it man! How’s it feel?
Very good.
Fantastic. Very. I’ll see you in Vegas. Take care.

For me it’s hard to live in France and leave my family over there but it’s the American dream and I have to do this for my family. And maybe have another future for my family.

This is my first day here in LA and it was better and more than I had expected. It is…I’m thrilled to be part of America’s got talent. And what a start!

What on earth have you come to do?
Does it matter.
No. My name is Carleton Griffin, I was homeless for over 25 years.

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