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10 Super Bowl Ads of 2012

10. Success in business comes down to one word…  Mr. Jensen. BOB? Bob!Stay with me! Bob, come on now! Anderson, success in business comes down to one word. It’ll get your pulse going. The 348 horsepower Genesis Coup R span. From Hyundai.

9. There he is! The party’s arrived!

8. It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes. ENOUGH! No Pepsi for you. AHAHAH. And what do you do? I sing. HA HA HA![/dich] All I’m askin is for a little respect… Alright. Pepsi for you. NO! Pepsi for all. Where there’s Pepsi, there’s music. YEAHHH BOY!

7. Trust us. It’s fast. The veloster turbo. From Hyundai.

6. So then I said, Mr. Prime Minister, I’m flattered that you love chocolate, but I’m here strictly in a professional…what’s wrong with him? He thinks you’re naked. My shell is brown, it just looks like my milk chocolate is showing. Only a fool would think that I’d actually show up naked. So it’s that kind of party! Hit it!

5. I look at her and I just want to give her everything. Yeah, you know everything can cost upwards of whewwww… I do not want to think about that. Relax, relax, relax….look at me. Look at me. Three words dad, E-trade financial consultants. So I can just talk to them? Just walk right in and talk to them. Dude, those guys are pros; they’ll hook you up with a solid plan. Wait, wait, wait a minute…Bobby! Bobby! What are you doing, man? I’m speed dating!

4. Who has the Doritos? Who has the Doritos?  You want one? Sorry! Ha haha. Too bad you’re down there, and I’m up here. Mmm they smell so good!

3. Oikos Greek Yogurt. Possibly the best yogurt in the world.

2.  A blindfold mom, really? Happy graduation,sweetie! I can’t believe you got me this car! Should we tell him? No, let him tire out first. Not yet, he’s losing speed. Marry me! Right now! I’ll so marry you right now! Mom we’re getting married! Best day of my life! Hey, Steve! Love the car! Best gift ever! Best gift ever! Hey! Mr. Johnson just stole my car!

1.  And there’s the favorite Silver Prince. And we have a late entry named Mr. Quickly. Is he wearing running shoes? It is legal, I believe. And they’re off! It’s Queen Hurricane our front, Silver Prince on his heels. But wait! Mr. Quiggly is coming around the outside! Look at that little guy go! It’s gonna be Quiggly! What? Let’s do it! He’s moonwalking across the finish line! The new mid foot strike Sketchers go-run. Go like never before. What do you mean you want a new contract?


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