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America’s Got Talent - Special Head

Unidentified woman: We get it louder back here. Special Head: I am Special Head. What I do is quite phenomenal but I'm concerned that the initial preparation that I must do will be possibly disturbing to the judges and audience.  I have to align my chakras and get into a very meditative state. This environment is going to be quite difficult.  Those Xs are very loud and I hope it doesn't destroy my concentration.

Simon: Hello. Are you okay? Special Head: Oh. I’m alright. Simon: Alright. What is your name? Special Head: My name is Special Head.

Simon: I personally have never taken a sedative but I imagine if I would take a sedative and look in the mirror I would see special head. Go ahead. Special Head: Okay Simon: Special head. Special head.

Nick: Somebody wants to get that?   Nick: You mess it up. It’s cheese Howard. How are you going to meditate if you hit the buzzer? Nick: How is he doing that? That is pretty cool. Simon: I want Howard to go first because I think Howard had a premature X-ification.

Howard: I did. I was annoyed with you. I wanted to lock you in a metal institution. And then lo and behold you pulled off your special trick Special Head.  And I’m gona take my X back because I actually like what you did. I’ve never done that before. First time. First time.

Heidi: This was amazing and I’m sitting right here and I’m looking and I’m like “How is he doing this”. Mel B: You know I’m so glad I didn’t hit my X because I think what we all just witnessed was out of this world.

Simon: I just saw something I have never seen before. And I definitely want to see again. It’s a yes from me. Mel B:  It is a hands-down definite a yes from me. Heidi: I want to see you again. Yes. Howard: It is a yes from me. You have four yeses. Simon: You’re going to Vegas! Special Head: Thank you.

Simon: He can float in air but he can barely walk. Nick: Wow. That was amazing. Special Head: Thank you. I like your cane. Nick:  I was trying it. I was hoom (sound). It wasn't really working in the same way. Howard: How does he do that trick?   Heidi: I mean look the whole room is yapping about how he did it. Nick: I will be back with more America’s Got Talent.

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