Fans cheer as S Korean star, Rain, ends military service

Rubesu Check: Hundreds of fans cheered outside Seoul’s defense ministry as South Korean pop singer and actor Rain was released from mandatory military service after just 21 months.

Rubesu Check: The 31 year-old K-pop star, whose real name is Jong Ji Hyun, has a huge fan base around the world, especially in Japan.

Unidentified woman: I’ve been staying here since 8 a.m. yesterday to see Rain, who I like the most.

Unidentified woman: Rain, we believe in you We will support you until the very end. Please come to Turkey, Turkish girls love you.

Rubesu Check: All able-bodied South Korean men have to serve compulsory military service of up to two years, a legacy of the Korean War. Rain spent his time as an entertainment soldier promoting the military through TV and radio programs.

Rubesu Check: But in January, reports of him dating popular South Korean actress, Kim Tae Hee, while on official duty broke in local media and he was disciplined over the incident. The multi-million album-selling singer and star of Hollywood films such as Speed Racer, has not yet revealed what his next move will be.

Rubesu Check, BBC news.

Source: bbc.co.uk

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