Sounding Off on Climate Change

There’s 2,500 marches in 150 countries. New York City is the centerpiece.
What do we want? Clean air. When do we want it? Now! No gases! No peace! No clean air! No peace!
We’re union members, we’re community members, we’re environmentalists, we’re students, we’re workers.
I’d rather wear this mask for one day than have to wear it for the rest of my life.
This feels like the first time it’s all come together. This is a turning point in the fight against climate change.
We need a mobilization of people everywhere. We’re not on course for a safe world. This is about humanity. It’s about moral issues. It’s about political issue. It’s a human right’s issue. It’s a leadership issue.
We are sending a very powerful signal to all the people of the planet that it is time to become the forceful voice to change the minds of the politicians and the corporations. Are you ready?
There are people from different religions who are joining this march just to advocate for the, you know, for good policies actually.
We went today because we have no choice. I think, to remember your humanity is to remember your connection to the earth.
I am a citizen of Nepal. We have mountains, we have forests and they are really getting depleted day by day. This is urgent. We are thankful for me to make my voice heard.
Hey hey, ho ho. Fossil fuels have got to go.

Source: nytimes

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