Fixing Climate in Iceland

Yeah, these kind of futuristic structures basically cover geothermal bore holes. And, specifically here on this site, we re-inject CO2 and H2S greenhouse gases produced by the geothermal power plant into the geologic subsurface for permanent storage.
We are basically standing on really exciting rock; so-called basaltic rocks, it’s a volcanic rock rich in calcium magnesium and these gases react with this rock and basically enable us to convert that CO2 gas back into limestone, which is calcium carbonate. So it is permanent storage and it cannot leak out of the ground back into the atmosphere.
We will recover 200 meters of core from the injection reservoir and we are basically looking if we find our carbonated CO2 in these rock cores.
The model actually predicted that the CO2 would turn into rock within approximately five years of injections. And actually, at that time, no one believed the models, that it was outrageous, there’s no way it could happen this quickly… but then, turns out, it happened even faster as all was pretty much mineralized within one year.
We think that our method can be applied elsewhere in our fight against global warming and climate change.

Source: nytimes

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