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Forget Gold, We Want Eels

It is time for weird Wall Street where we dig into the strange underbelly of high finance. And I got a good one here for you, Adam. You know what? Forget gold, forget it, the fishermen off the coast of Maine are looking at eels. It’s all about eels there. I bet you didn’t know it but there is a world wide shortage of these tiny translucent eels. They’re so small, they’re about the size of a tooth pick and it turns out that people in Asia…

Whoa! That’s a handful of eels. Yeah, it sure is. People in Asia really like to eat these, it’s a delicacy. It looks like seaweed.

They’re so prized that a pound of eels, it’s really gonna cost you. People are paying about two thousand dollars a pound right now for these. All about supply and demand, right? Baby eels are even more prized these days, a single pound is gonna fetch thirty thousand dollars worth of full grown eel meat.

Wait wait, wait. Say that price again. thirty ? Thirty thousand dollars for a full pound. For a pound? Baby eel meat.

That is… that is weird. That is why we call it Weird Wall Street. Alright I got another one for you. Ready for this? Alright an eleven year old Dutch boy has gone where some of the best economic minds have feared to venture. He has proposed a solution to the Euro currency problem using a pizza as his inspiration. Yes, we told you it’s weird and it is. He won a hundred and thirty-three dollar voucher, should have been actually a hundred euro voucher for his efforts after he entered an international economics, oh I get it, they actually did the exchange rate for me…ah they’re pretty clever. Alright, trying to find the best contingency plan for the breakup of the euro. His proposal suggested Greece leave the euro and for it’s citizens to quote use an “exchange machine to transfer their euros into drachmas.” The boy’s father said though he is not interested in politics or economics he already has a career and he wants to do something with animals.

Awww, that’s so sweet. But how do you like that?  A machine where you just, you put your euros in and you get drachmas out. There you go. Bingo, it’s so simple.  Leave it to an eleven year old.

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