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There are a couple of things here that I pulled from the box that I keep for the kids for when they want to be able to go through it.

We like to avoid thinking about the worst case scenario in life, I know I do,  but it’s worth asking the question: if anything were to happen to you or you and your spouse, what would become of those who were left behind?

When I was standing in the ICU next to my very best friend, who was close to both me and my husband,   and I realized he was going to be gone and I was going to be a single mom raising a kid on my own,  I was overwhelmed by the thought that I didn’t know how much life insurance we had,  we did not save well or plan well for the future and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to float a family.

That’s Chanel Reynolds, and when her husband who is Zay was killed in a bicycle accident,  it soon became clear that many of the things that they should have taken care of were half finished or never started.

The wills were drafted but not finalized, making them not legally binding. Our living wills were conversations we had with each other. I couldn’t prove any of that.

What are we looking at here? This is the homepage of the website.  The website is a collection of a couple of core items that I really really wish that I had taken care of before my life blew up. There is a will and there is a living will and there is a details checklist  and there is just enough information for you to get started on the path.

It’s pretty straight forward, and yet so many people take a path that is far too meandering when trying to get there.  Ms. Reynolds has put it all in one place. I’m Ron Lieber for the New York Times.

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